Mission and Areas of Interest

The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation is a charitable foundation established by Brook J. Lenfest in 2000. It is dedicated to making people aware of positive life choices and providing support and opportunities for those motivated to pursue them. In keeping with its mission, the Foundation will focus mainly on education, job training and mentoring programs.

Area of Operation

The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and programs operating in Southeastern Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on Philadelphia.


The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation has committed a significant portion of its resources to two core program activities:

Support for Mastery Charter Schools

Mastery Charter Schools is a high-quality Philadelphia and Camden based charter school network whose mission is to ensure all students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education, compete in the global economy, and pursue their dreams.

Additional information is available on the Mastery website.

The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation Trustee Scholarship Program at Pennsylvania State University

This scholarship program is operated by Penn State University with funding from an endowment established by The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation. These scholarships provide significant financial aid and mentoring for students attending Penn State University Park. Eligibility is based on demonstrated financial need and Federal Pell Grant eligibility as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

First preference will be given to students who graduate from one of the Mastery Charter high schools or who participate in the Philadelphia Futures program. Second preference will be given to students who graduate from a public high school in the School District of Philadelphia. For more information, please contact Roberta Milillo or Anita Leone in the Penn State Office of Student Aid at 814-863-5857.


Brook J. Lenfest Foundation is primarily interested in education and job training programs that successfully prepare participants to earn at least a lower middle-class, family sustaining income over the course of their working lifetimes.

Only organizations and programs with well documented positive outcomes will be considered for funding.

Organizations with program evaluations that show direct cause and effect and compare results against control or peer groups are preferred. The foundation is more likely to fund organizations that get great results, help a large number of people and operate efficiently on a cost per person served basis.

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